Sunar Misir

Starting its operations in 1985 Sunar Mısır start out its journey with the production of starch and standard glucose syrup and since then has been manufacturing high quality goods for a wide range of sectors such as food, textile, paper, corrugated cardboard, chemical industry and industrial applications.

Outstanding through the innovations it has introduced to the sectors in Turkey, Sunar Mısır supplies such products as glucose and isoglucose syrups, native starches, modified starches, dextrins, and corn germ . Activating its modified starch production plant in parallel to the developments in textile and paper industries, Sunar Mısır has completed and recently integrated isoglucose and sorbitol facilities where high quality goods at international standards are produced and distributed globally.

Providing innovative and customized solutions to its customers from different parts of Turkey and the world through its Research and Development department, Sunar Mısır aims at consolidating its leader position in the export market with innovative products.


Sunar Starch is a qualified corn starch to be used in instant soup, pudding assortments, Turkish delight and baklava especially...

Jam and Marmalade

Glucose Syrup is natural and edible type of corn syrup produced to be used for production of chewing gum, caramel, wine gum, jam fillings...


Fructose Syrup is natural and edible type of corn syrup produced to be used for production of hard candy, soft candy, concentrations...


Fructose syrups are used widely in the world due to their required taste and texture developing effects...